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Aviation Lawyers Turkey And Aviation

Aviation Lawyers Turkey And Aviation

With Aviation Lawyers Turkey, as the aviation sector continued to develop, even a branch of law on this area has occurred. This branch of law can also be referred to as civil aviation law. In this branch of law, in principle, the lawsuits of the service providers of the airline companies or the personnel working in aviation companies are in question.

 In addition to the experience we have obtained in the field of aviation lawyers and air law for so many years, our team’s equipment and knowledge level in this field will be very effective in terms of reaching our clients’ goals and eliminating their grievances in the shortest way.

 Support to Clients at Every Stage

 We provide this service to provide the greatest support to our clients at every stage of aviation cases. These cases are the opening of the case and the first instance court cases, appeal, the court of second instance and appeal procedures. At the same time, we are always ready to assist the Constitutional Court on individual requests and international remedies upon the requests of our clients, who believe that these stages still do not yield results.

Aviation lawyers and similar disagreements about our team in case of power of attorney is closely following each stage of the legal process, and the process to be observed in the process of lowering the right to pay attention to the utmost attention. After all, we know very well that even the slightest negligence in law can bring about vital results.

 Is it obligatory to give Attorneys Attorney?

 In the Turkish legal system, of course, there is no obligation to be represented by aviation lawyers. However, as everyone who is an expert in this field has stated, we recommend the provision of power of attorney of aviation lawyers in all cases.

 Especially in the case of important legal disputes, even if the most qualified person of this field is a qualified person, he / she will not be able to defend him / her efficiently because of confusion. However, aviation solicitor turkey that will give you the power of attorney in the field of air law will prevent his client from experiencing their rights losses and also prevent him from making a difficult situation by misrepresentation or other similar issues. In summary, we recommend the support of our team in order not to experience the last regret.

 Where Aviation Cases appear?

 The courts, which will look at the lawsuits in this branch of law, will be the courts of law. In the case of a court of law, if a consumer court or a consumer court is not in the relevant territory, if there is a victimization of a passenger receiving service from aviation companies; in the case of a victim of a personnel working in airline companies, the labor courts will look.

 These courts are single judge and the cases are seen according to the procedure of trial. However, in these cases, petitions have a very important place, albeit a trial procedure. It is known by every jurist that the cases are won and lost by petition. We also prepare the most qualified petitions and other documents in order to make you profitable in this field and give you the right to trust.

 Work with the most qualified lawyers in this field

 Aviation solicitor turkey will be your supporters. After all, this area has recently become widespread and is not yet fully established. In other words, even the slightest mistake made by Aviation Lawyers Turkey can lead to the loss of the case.

 If you give our team power of attorney about the types of aviation cases and similar disputes, you can be sure that you will never encounter such negativity. You can also contact us at any time if you want to apply for mediation in the field of air law or if you want to consult about aviation lawsuits and get the most accurate information.

Dispute Resolution Lawyers and Rents

 Active Listening and Impartiality

 Aviation lawyers must listen to their clients effectively and carefully while disputes are resolved. Because the smallest and insignificant information to be found through effective listening can actually be the main point of the solution. In particular, commercial disputes should be based on official records. In this sense, Aviation Law translates the correct data into information and provides evidence with official documents. Of course, one side of the parties to the end of this process is creditor.

 Loss of earnings until the end of the process At the end of the negotiations with both parties, a common denominator dispute is resolved. We bring the disputes together in the most effective and fair way without saving the costs and saving time.

 Impartiality is the most important issue in ensuring justice and equality. Chaos begins where there is no justice. Being neutral is at the top of the vision clauses of our work.

 Expert staff

 All disputes that we see are examined by us in all national and international literature. Our teams work in a coordinated manner. Our lawyers are both lawyers and arbitrators.

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